Love is in the air

By Akshita Pareek

Time zones cannot keep
birds from flying 
love birds from mystifying.
I love how you blend in my life
like coffee
and still cause a sensation
like an eclipse.
Sitting in my room, 
talking to you 
feels like going to the bakery 
to eat a cupcake 
I've felt in my stomach 
since forever. 
Surrounded by a hundred haters, 
I feel you in my woollen cap
squeezing your sweetness in my tiny ears;
Sweetness transforming haters into seekers.
So, when we walk through the hall of fame 
in heaven, 
walk beside me, not ahead or behind. 
For, you never pulled me back 
like clay in the backyard. 
never forced my substance out 
like a syringe in the hospital.
A band empowering the diamond, 
together we make 
the purest diamond ring 
this universe can 
ever produce. 


  • My dear lovely daughter, Akshita , from the depth of my heart, congratulations for a rare piece of poetry . Beautiful creation with immense and intense thoughts at this age .The poem touches deeply .Keep it continue.wishing you a bright future.
    Jai shree you need’nt have a gem, you have already a ‘KOHINOOR’ with you.

    Ashok sharma
  • Heart-warming creation by an old friend .
    Amazing poetry. Keep it up Akshita

    Abhay Goyal
  • Very beautiful indeed,keep it up,bachha

    Seema sharma
  • Omg ❤❤ this was intense and a beautiful composition. Great work girl keep it up!

    Tanishka Bhala
  • Omg ❤❤ this was intense and a beautiful composition. Great work girl keep it up!

    Tanishka Bhala
  • This is beautiful akshita.!!

  • Lovely words love u Akshita

    Manju yadav
  • अति सुंदर कविता बधाई हो akshita

    meenakshi arora
  • Gr8 congratulations keep it up.

    Dharmesh Pareek
  • Gr8 congratulations keep it up.

    Dharmesh Pareek
  • Wow!!!
    Great ?
    Keep writing Akshita. Touched deep in my heart. Lovely poem. Good luck ?

    Mamta jain
  • Such lines go deep down in my heart ………your writings is totally beyond love ????

    Kartik jain
  • “Walk beside me,not ahead or behind….. ", Word after word and stanza after stanza, touching inner chords of heart and mind…….Good luck little angel poetess. Anees

    Anees Fatma
  • So full of feeling & depth of love. Touched with words in deep my heart. Love you dear. Enjoy & love all.

    Rajshree Bhargava
  • Awesome. Love you so much

    Akshita Pareek
  • Beautiful poem akshita. Lovely words …seems like a beautiful painting. Keep writing beta. Way to go..can see the spark of a budding poetess. Congratulations jaishree mam.

    Sangita chandna
  • Thanks a lot @niharikasrivastava! So glad you liked it (-:

    Akshita Pareek
  • It’s simply wow….last stanza is so beautiful to imagine…& the line ending with cupcake gives a mirth feel….would love to read more…keep sharing

    Niharika Srivastava

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