By Akhil Sachan

It's like thousand years
Of grief and sorrow,
Of truancy and lethargy
Are running fast forward in my head.
It was just yesterday
in this same bed,
I had my visions
and there were songs you sang.
Now It's just loneliness
and ruins of the fallen flies.
From rolls to their ashes,
Empty bottles and a thousand glasses,
There wasn't a word that was true.
Nothing ever was
Before the coming of you
And you bereaved me like a fool.
I had to wait,
For years while I drooled.
I was looking for the answers
In streets and high castles.
Never knew the question,
Didn't feel the disaster
Until it was you.
Come back.
We'll be strangers again.
There won't be no awkward dates.
We'll never dance
Or get high on the chase.
I will never wake up
And sing you the song,
The song that you and I both long.
I promise,
It won't be an affair this time.
Just come back.
Come back in as much as
I am still looking back at an empty mirror. 


  • Come back, we will be strangers again….nice lines

  • Beautifully written <3

    Prerika Gupta

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