By Gayatri Kumari

No parents nobody nothing ,
Locked in a dark room ,
Except darkness, there is nothing,
What to do?
No friends,no teachers no one,
Empty roads, empty houses.
Who will feed me,
Who will teach me,
With who I'll play?
Who is gonna stay and
Study with me?
I am a dark flower without sunlight and water,
except darkness there is nothing !
I am disheartened because,
People are not around me,
so that I can share my feelings.
My mother! With who I can share my feelings and who can heal my pain, she is not there too.


  • Hey, Gayatri, a very brilliant effort. Great going !

  • Thank you for your comments and your appreciations to me!☺☺

  • Amazing gayatri!!

    Abbas ali
  • Amazing

  • This is one of the first poems I heard from you. I am your proud teacher Gayatri. :’)

  • Such an emotionally striking poem. It shows the brutality of being alone. Thank you for your honest writing.


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