Lone bird on the barren tree

By Andrew Kai Hangsing

Lone bird on the barren tree,

Why do you alight, up there?

Amidst the network of dry twigs,

Against the backdrop of the sky clear?


Nearer, is the scorching sun not, from there?

Yet, for the warmth, you seemingly care not

Nor for the shady green grove swaying nearby;

This abrupt contentment, is it your life’s lot?


O Lone bird on the barren tree,

By choice or by lot, your posture

Runs parallel with my miserable own –

A life damned (albeit content) to solitude’s torture.


A lone bird on a barren tree

And a lone poet with no muse –

Both exposed to the heat and the rain,

To budge, though, we’d still refuse.


For, while flocks throng the shady groves,

The lone bird on the barren tree

And this lone poet in a barren land

 Shall still manifest the souls free.


  • Thank you so much K.J

    Andrew Kai Hangsing
  • I love the poetic perspective that you have portrayed. It’s beautiful :)

    K J Pavithra
  • Thank you so much Usha. It means a lot to me. I have just published an e-book collection of my poems at Pothi.com. Please take a look at this link – https://pothi.com/pothi/book/ebook-andrew-kai-hangsing-sensational-hometown

    Andrew Kai Hangsing
  • wow.. your poem can seep through one’s heart right away.. very deep and awesome… :)

    Usha Amulya
  • Sanya, Thank you so much.. Please read more of my works on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/AndrewHangsingSaysSo

    Andrew Kai Hangsing
  • Wow! This is simply breath-taking! I love your last two stanzas. Really a fantastic piece.

  • Thank you so much Rishika :)

    Andrew Kai Hangsing
  • “The lone bird on the barren tree
    And this lone poet in a barren land…”

    Great work Andrew! It was pleasure to read you :)


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