Nishi Nath

Transport the life into underwater world
Unscathed, immaculate and exquisite
So as I in the dream mould
Comes nose to nose with sharks and spikes.

Adoption of neckdams and corselets
I dived into the ocean curls
When scrutinized the fishlets
I found gambolling turtles.

Spawning cherry Barb refashion it's colour
From cherry red to blacky brush
I astonishingly prepare views parlour
From humble guppies to magical seahorse.

Tossed off swirling pan ironically cooler
In a meek world I relished
Looming wyvern fire breather
Balmy days of summer is cherished.

Epitome of dragon compatriot
Pokemon by physique
Riding me his caudal chariot
Was that a Charizard whom I visit?

Spinning about the submerged planet
Never did a spinner in me envisaged
The power of subconscious mind offlate
Exploited blue holes and reefs beseiged.

Cavorting on tectonic plates
Stumbled in quagmire
Not the Holocaust I speculate
Reveals hypocrisy of desire.

A pair of old timers
Holding hands once in while
When encountered the freezers
Found a figurine with cracked smile.

Going beneath the tunnel ranks
Life in an aquarium I wish
Pop up in the bubble tanks
Say hello to our clownfish.

Then nudged the rockpool creature
Tingled by stingray bay
And the penguins make me nurture
At the time my fantasy goes away.


  • excellent piece of imagination..

  • What an imagination!

    Neelakshi Misra
  • Beautiful imagination and amazing creation!

    Aadyasha Pujari
  • Beautiful writing nishi!!!! U go girl👍👍

    Priya kumari
  • Top notch

    Ankita Thakur
  • What an excuisite read!! Beautiful words Nishi! Keep writing! ❤

    Shrubali Mukherjee
  • Just wowwwwww 😍😍😍

    Nikita Dash
  • It’s beautiful

    Jyoti gupta
  • Beautiful💚

    Asmita Gupta
  • Powerful words in powerful poem🔥🔥🔥

    Niroj nath
  • Very done✌️

    Neha Ghosh

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