Let those imaginations dance

Sonali Rao

The perfect blue landscape enshrined an art so divine
Capturing a fiery red head dancing strange and wise
Wild cherry blossoms dazzling down her hair
She on the other world stood captivated by this beautiful frame
Drawn to it as a moth to the flame
In oblivion to the enigmas of the moonlit night to unravel

The masterpiece painting girl comes to life
Her presence even more mystifying and charming
As if awaiting for this reunion these two souls strive
To the music of nature they danced all night

Envious yet enchanted by this painting girl
Reminiscent of the older days kept flashing
The thunder of claps and cheers all bright
Her happy place the stage was her true pride

Wondering if only she could be the kindred spirit
To wander in pursuit of her dreams

Half-awake voyaging back to reality
She felt so powerful and different
A dream to feel the true awakening
To be brave and letting the desires float out aloud
To ride on the wheels of passion
And live a life with no regrets in any fashion

Shedding the tentacles clutching her tight
To rise above all odds
Fight to the tyranny of society upright
Defying conservative constructs of gender roles
And the hardest of all
Standing against those loved ones
For when the family turns its back
It brings on the darkest storm

That’s just one story she sighs
Many millions keep lurking behind
Getting caught in the quandary of societal norms
Dreams, ambitions and careers charred
Self-pity is all that remains
Insanely different when it comes to a woman indeed
The world of opportunities keeps mocking at her

However that fateful day changed her life forever
Wondering who was set free that day, the painting girl or it was she herself
So do listen to those happy or frightening squeals
The unconscious hinting your souls
And who knows when a nightmare turns up as a beautiful fairy tale
About to unwrap as the brightest rainbow
After a gloomy thundering rain fright

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