Less Words for a Blessed Year, More Words for a Stressed Year

By Nikhil Bharadwaj

I haven’t taken a New Year resolution
For several years now
All those I took, ended up in dissolution
I reneged on every single one of them, I abashedly avow
This time around though, it is quite clear
That I will have to buck the trends
Due to what I have gone through the last year
For my own peace, I aim to make amends
As we break into a fledgling decade so young
I will, looking back, readily acknowledge
That, the problem always lied with my tongue
So this shall be my momentous pledge
That I shall talk less and more less
I have had too much trouble
Words have plainly added to my stress
Now I pick my pieces up from the rubble
It was construed as flattering, whenever I praised
When I spoke with sweet intonations, I was judged pretentious
People however viewed hostility, when my voice slightly raised
As even facts, I pointed out, turned out to be contentious
When I attempted genuine criticism
I was chided for being snarky
When I tried to sugar-coat, donning the hat of pacifism
I was asked to abandon the rot and talk turkey
I hardly managed to instil
Much impression, managing feeble attempts at humour
Neither did plain Jane talk help, making me run-of-the-mill
Stuff, but I nonetheless drank it all without a murmur
This year, I resolve to mellow down my spoken word
Seek I shall, the tempering help of many an experience
A tough task lays ahead, and I hope to continue undeterred
As the theme of my year will be reticence
I resolve to not fall prey
To any ways, shapes or forms of animadversions
Or unintended bouts of lapsus linguae
Thus ending up causing me to cast aspersions
Wherever possible, a reverential nod shall suffice
As long it achieves it’s communicational motto
Though it may take people by surprise
To silence, in the upcoming twelve months, I will kowtow
I will largely speak through smiles
And remonstrate through tears
Abandoning my animated reviles
While I shall express only what are truly my arrears
My eloquence I will not fritter
While against no one I hold any malice
Neither will I turn a quitter
I still will spill a few nectar drops from my golden chalice
On paper rather than speech
Through poetry, my pearls of wisdom I will reserve
This medium is more conducive for my outreach
To people, those who truly deserve


  • Thoughts amazingly portrayed. Loved it😄

    Varsha Mishra
  • Many thanks Debarpita, I can truly empathize!

    Nikhil Bharadwaj
  • Same feeling most of the time!


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