Lanes and Paths

Selenophile Blossom
Lanes and paths loved and frequented;

Robbed the quietness and bliss.

I travelled – my soul did!

Beyond the world and the dates;

Did what none could.


The Renaissance Everyman – Doctor Faustus

Sold his soul and I gained too!

I allied not with the devil

Died not like Icarus.

Yet traversed through several births!


Splendour and lofty,

Marlowe took my hand and I went too.

The face that launched a thousand ships,

She that inspired the Odyssey;

(She) That Aphrodite hailed – I saw too.


Somewhere, my soul abandoned the travel.

I followed the lost Trojan hero

That fought wars on the way to Ithaca and his Penelope.

Between the legacy of beauty and might –

I was divided.


I returned to “he” that was ravished

Who repenting and pleading: not to be damned

The devils dragged him off

Unlucky, unlike the countess – Cathleen

My soul tried to intervene.


But I woke up to the hustles;

The halt of the train, the noises of another world.

Somewhere in God’s own country

Where I traveled to see my granny

Who opened a few other doors of soul travel!
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Travelling' 


  • This is my kind of poem full of fantasy yet realistic ❤️ I adore it ❤️

    Anshika Lall
  • Woww….. Adore thisss❣️💕😍

    Arisha Siddiqui

    Anurima Mukherjee

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