Kiss My Soul


If it ever comes to that level

Then come and kiss me down through my navel

My hands are gonna guide you to places

Where your kiss can make me jump few paces

It’s not the fuck that I want

It’s only romance, where I belong

So come on baby kiss me deep

And see how my control weeps

You’ll explore a different me

Come & feel this naked sea

I’ll touch you down your throat

And will laugh at your moan

You’ll feel embarrassed by this whole act

And I will enjoy this new pact

Seriously come & touch my unexplored parts

Let me scream & cry for some more tarts

Now go down & down creeping,

Until you find my breath gasping

Hold on there & kiss me deeper

Let me moan as never

Catch the tears falling from my eyes

Kiss my soul sweetie, from your eyes

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  • “Come & feel this naked sea” Oh yes, how beautiful that would be. Awesomeness in your writing.

    Tarun Behl

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