K-A-R-N-O V-A-P-I-Ssßds

It's taught us
The essence of traditional
That we all have
It's Enough 
To won the entire world
Being a Hindi Namaste
Became "THE KING"
And make us proud
It's spread the V-a-IR-o-US
 Kind Of
Healthy habit
That's we all forgets
 It's a WILD card Entry
To take us to Meditation Zone
Have a some peace notion
In a relief motion
Say C-A-R  N-O ,
K-A-R-N-A  Some time .
Enjoy with the family
And let be 
The EARTH enjoy it's
Breath- taking time
ME Childhood Memory
To relive
Again with my loved ones
And love & pamper Yourself
What it's bring for you?

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  • Very well written!
    Keep posting


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