John and his Rose


Sonal Adwani 

A. The Rose and The Gardener
There was once a beautiful garden far away from the city
In it lied a Rose, who looked like the others,
But was different from her committee.

The garden attracted many tourists each year
All the credit goes to the gardener. 
He beautified all that grows
But his attention was always on the Rose.

He was extremely fond of the Rose
Love, care and tenderness he always bestowed 
He took her away and placed her in a unique, lavish corner 
She was his Rose of Honour. 

With time, their fondness grew
They spent the entire day together- from dew to dew.
They gave each other all they had
As they were stuck in Cupid's trap.

B. John's Rose
John, the Gardener kept Rose in the most beautiful place there is
He wanted to ensure that she was only his.
Rose happily accepted the arrangement
Without any terms and conditions. 

Rose visited other flowers when John was away
They enjoyed in full sway
John once spotted Rose with a Cactus
He took her furiously and placed her in darkness.

"Why were you with Cactus? What's going on?", he asked furiously.
"Nothing. He just happened to bypass.", Rose answered honestly.
"You'll stay in the dark, whether or not you're fine.
Accept the truth and you will see sunshine."

"I am not lying, John 
I have always been faithful, never a con."
"Keep quiet, Rose. I've understood you.
A cunt, a liar- for a rose like you that's nothing new."

"That's not true. 
I've always loved you."

C. Misunderstood

Dear John,

I havs always been frank and honest with you
And that's because I blindly trust you
Yes, I spoke way too many inappropriate things in the start
I trusted you blindly and said it all with a blast
It was all TRUST- believe me for good
I was nothing but MISUNDERSTOOD. 

I wanted to hug you and be in your arms 
It was because I missed my origin's charms
I said it all and that was my fault
Because you got it all wrong.
Looking up to you was something I always would

When I lived with the other flowers,
I was asked to stay away from lilies, dandelions and sunflowers.
I was only allowed to talk to other roses
But I felt they had no heart, they were just poses.
Hence, I befriended Cactuses. I wish this could be proved.
I don't know how because I am being MISUNDERSTOOD. 

When you put me in the dark
And asked me to prove my mark
I struggled my way through 
Explanations and justifications- to me it was all new
Yes, I tried. Believe me if you could.

After a series of struggles, I finally found my way to you
Rolled on the grass and reached you
I tried different ways to keep you happy
Smiled for you, although I was no more chirpy
It was painful, tedious and bittersweet good 


Once I found the way

I started visting you everyday

The other flowers complained

“You stopped visting us!', they always said.

I continued visiting you to ensure you're doing good

But still, I was MISUNDERSTOOD.


You accused me of being with you for your material assets

If you believe, i have a lot to say in my defense

It would have been easy for me to pair up with a rose

Going against my ego and initiating the conversation with you is what I chose

It was all because of my intuitions for you... for us

That didn't allow predictions for MISUNDERSTANDING and ruckus.


Do you know what the flowers tell me?
They say I have fallen in love with you madly
For my efforts are crazy 
They feel you are very lucky 
For sometime I feel my love has been proved
But again, I am MISUNDERSTOOD.

John, yesterday, my old friend, Neem asked me
"Why did John stop visiting the tree?
Why has he stopped coming to the garden
We were jealous of you, but we haven't banned him"
I remained mute to her constant questioning
Her tricks were beyond your understanding 
Had I told her that we talk through our secret Window of Whatsapp
She would have poisoned you with her sap

Today, my friend, Lily, came up to me
And said that her lover, the Lotus has hurt her miserably
Lotus couldn't see Lily everyday
So he accused her of mingling with The Jay 
I advised Lily to make Lotus understand the truth 
But like me, she was still MISUNDERSTOOD. 

Lily broke up with Lotus immediately 
"Never let anyone hurt your self respect", she warned me
From a female's point of view she was right
But I've been thinking only about you all this while
That's why so firm I've stood

Did you know what some of the male roses ask me 
"Do you love someone? Coz you're so pretty"
I proudly say "YES" and shoo them away
You and I can be undisturbed in this way
To them, I know I am rude
But little did I know that I am being MISUNDERSTOOD.

Whenever I ask you, John
If I can reveal my thorns
You say no and I hold back
Every other rose has got the thorn revealing knack
I obey because by doing so I feel closer to sainthood 
But your criticism again makes me feel MISUNDERSTOOD.

They told me... if you say that John and you love each other

Why doesn't he take you with him, we wonder

I defend by saying

I am a flower and he a gardener

I wish they were right, but I understand you

Yet, I have been MISUNDERSTOOD.


John, the problem is that I am a flower and you the gardener

How can we be together forever?

This won't reduce my love for you

That doesn't mean I can be friends with you

For, when friendship turns to love, it spreads happiness

But love turning into friendship is a mere misunderstanding.

D. Alone




Since you've gone

Everything seems dull

No one asks me whether I've eaten, whether I reached home

No one can ever care the way you have in the days begone

My life has become a storm

Nothing feels right

And I don't have you by my side

Here I am, battling against odds

And in each difficult moment, chanting your name

For, you maybe away, but you are always in my heart.

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  • Beautiful poem
    Well exoressed
    Loved it


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