I've dared to dream, have you yet?

Nivedita Baraily

I dare not speak a word about my dreams to a single soul,
Frightened and petrified it will be crushed whole.
I dare not count on you, or you; to believe in me,
Hurt and betrayed ample times, you see.
But I would dare not think my dreams are futile,
Kept my courage and hope in a stockpile.
Wondering if I can ever make it,
In the world of literature be lit.
Had I not had faith,
Had I not done grace;
I would be frightened and petrified, hurt and betrayed.
But I chose to be strong and determined, brave and be read.


  • Lovely !! Keep up the good work..

    Prena Thakuri
  • Dear friend,
    I appreciate how you chose to stick to rhyming despite the trend fading fast from poetry. Classic. And, of course, something all of us could relate to.
    Thank you. Try and get in touch.
    Have a read at The Keteki at Midnight down below, if you may. :)

    Sharad Kamal Bezboruah
  • Dammi… Deep nd meaningful

    Priyanka Kundu
  • deep…!! ? keep it up..! ?

    kajal verma

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