By Diksha Goel

Drifting through life, 
Moving through motions,
Frightened I could fade into a wall
And nobody will notice.
How to feel bold,
When my conscience keeps repeating: 
Just sit and smile,
Eyes downcast;
Fearing I could break
And nobody will even hear.
Standing on the roof,
Shouting for attention,
Frightened I could fall 
And nobody will flinch.
You chose
Black, grey and white,
Colors of my carnival;
I could wither away and gather dust
And nobody will even blink.
Footprints on a beach,
Stars out of reach,
Fading words on paper,
Hoping one day you will understand how I feel;
When you looked through me,
Talked over me,
Made me feel invisible
But I guess that's okay for a superpower.


  • Nice work. I absolutely love how the last line gives a twist to your poem. I think it’s super clever. Great work!

  • congratulations. ..u revealed real human senses ..I wrote a number of poetry based on several themes.nd I want to publish them so can help me..

    premchand thakur
  • This is beautiful!

    Rubai Shinde
  • Wow! This is so good, especially the last two lines, the perfect punch ending to a poem.

    Pallavi Dandamudi

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