Inside Out

By Anubhav Katyal

"So low, cannot look up
Once high, I can't get up
Life, I feel suffocated
Trapped in the shell I created
Made of thoughts and meaning
In a world, been dreaming
Of people I want, and things I don't
Of hearts I'd touch, and ones I won't
Don't want people, I'm not lonely
Some layers deep, I'm responsible solely
For what I am, and what I won't be
Just gay, that's what I'd be
To see the world out and in
To feel the brain laid thin
Of birds, rain, trees or something
Not your day, speak to me anything
That keeps you alive and going
Passion, fire, seeds you're sowing
Roads I'd travel, alone or with company
Would mean the world to me
And discover myself along the path
Would you help me,
The truth that the world hides
And shadows that stay alive
Speak up, I'm listening
But silence is a friend, keep away I'm not sinking"


  • Your words are simple and yet so profound,this is what makes your poem immensely relatable. Good job!

    Niyati Gangwar
  • You have struck all the right chords. Loved it!!


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