Indulgence of Identity

Kanishka Jha

Years and years, I have waited for serendipity,
In search of my true identity.
Waiting for my life to be iridescent,
Maybe all those smiles are counterfeit.
I am weak, I am scared,
I am wreaked, I am impaired.

Where I stand, I don’t know,
Being supine, nothing to follow.
Suddenly while I was still in my dark dreams,
Heard something random, something mellifluous,
That voice whispered that nothing is nefarious.
Quivering I opened my eyes,
This feeling was ineffable,
Something felt new as I was able to reflect my views.

All this time I was comparing my pain,
Never thought of the love which I disposed of in vain.
I know no one, how can I be so self-absorbed,
I have love, I have opportunities which cannot be despaired.

As I wander,
I realize that each one has a journey, everyone is sonder.
Now that I am out of my evil effervescence,
Life has more relevance.
People around are to love and share,
Life and pain are not to compare.
We all have a unique identity,
It might take us time to find our serenity.

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