Indelible Span of my Life

Amrit Versha
Nostalgia of my childhood days.
Few moments I want to embrace.
Those fights in the games.
How funny were the blames!
That craze for the toys,
tempting both girls and boys.

Love for carnivals,
joy in festivals.
Even a little lollipop
made me do hip-hop.
Dreams of being Alice.
Fantasizing of a palace.
Over small bruises, I wailed and cried.
And how by little patting, it died.
Terror and fear of ghost.
Witches scaring the innermost.
No burden of career.
No hurdles, no barrier.
But that was a past.
When did I play last?
I am changing every day.
That innocence has gone away.
But something is still there.
Yes, right in my heart here.
Like a child, I still rest on my mother’s bosom.
And, there is a care which is so awesome.


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Thank you so much, Vedika. 😊

    Amrit Versha
  • This is subtle yet so beautiful.

    Vedika Paliwal

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