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In pursuit of identity

Mehak Taneja

Who am I?
Wondering looking up into the sky.
Asking myself,
About my existence among these people full of lies.

Fantasizing the birds flying high,
I also want to reach into my own sky.
By watching a seed giving birth to a plant,
I also want to build my Kingdom,
With all my heart.

Like a drop looses it's identity by joining the ocean,
I don't want to fall into a web of likely minded people.
In this world of people imitating each other,
I want to be recognised as 'authentic',
Or 'original'.

I don't want to become a part of 'flock of sheeps'
Instead I want to roar like a lion!!
Who rules the whole Jungle
With all his desires.

I don't want to know the purpose of my life,
Instead I want to create one!
With my experiences,
My endeavours.

Rather than people calling me 'one of the Poets'
I want to be remembered as 'The Poet'.


  • One day. ❤️

    Shivam Tyagi
  • Beautiful ❤️

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  • ♥️♥️♥️

    Anuj garg
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  • Awesome. I loved to read this. Very soothing, touched my ❤️.


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