If I were to tell someone about you

Niyati Sharma

If I were to tell someone about you, I would probably fumble and get twisted in my own words and thoughts. 

I would tuck my hair behind my ear and then release them from there because you like them open anyway.

 "I...I'm not quite sure" I'd say, knowing fully well exactly what I wanted to say.

 I just, wasn't sure where to start.

I'd tell them how your eyes remind me of craziness, how when I look into them it creates ripples of inexplicable fire within me.

 I'd tell them how you exercise my mind, make me think of things that wouldn't normally cross my mind and spend nights convincing myself that I shouldn't act on your anarchic ideas. 

I'd tell them how comfortable you make me, how I'm a version of myself with you that I didn't know existed. 

You make me want to be more of me while understanding the intricacies of my existential crises. 

I would tell them how the calmness that surrounds you is like a lullaby, gentling pulling people in and sending a sense of calm through their bodies.

I'd tell them how rare it is to find someone like you. 

How everything you do and every move you make is closely calculated as you hunt through people's minds for patterns. 

I'd tell them how you like to solve problems. How you have a solution to anything life throws at you and even if you don't, you'll just put on a smile and brave through it anyway. 

I'd tell them about your softness, how if they share a simple silence with you, they could feel the love radiating off your body. 

How I could call you up at three am and rant about what makes me angry and what breaks my heart and you'd patiently listen.

 I'd also tell them about your roughness, when nothing can calm you down and how on those days I just want to hold you close till you feel better.

I'd tell them what excites you. How we'd make plans to museums and art galleries and just spend days in dog shelters. 

I'd tell them how we'd bake together in my dreams and just how much you enjoy cuddling but won't admit it to the people around you. 

How you always need to be right but love a challenge.

 I'd tell them you aren't perfect, but your flaws just make me want to fill in the cracks and smother you with love. Your tiny quirks and witty comebacks that never fail to make me smile and how you appreciate me more than I ever have. I'd tell them you're worth fighting for and how I wouldn't have it any other way.

If I were to tell someone about you, I wouldn't know where to stop because I could go on and on and still not be able to do justice to the person you are.

I'd tell them I'm not in love with you, but, god, I could be.

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  • Poems are better when it is written with true and experienced emotions. That is what has been exhibited in this piece. Amazing work. Congratulations!


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