Kiran Poojary

What's my Identity? A Daddy's girl or a Mamma’s princess or just an independent woman!
Who am I? This question haunts and confuses most of us.
There are times when I need my daddy's help to just remove that jar from the shelf or to just calm me down when my mom is yelling at me for that burnt rice. There are times when I just need to lie down on my mom's lap and forget all my worries. There are times when I need her to find even the pettiest thing for me because I am unable to get it.
But there are also times when, even after going through so much I don't want to stress my parents and just keep a smile on my face and I am sure even they as parents do the same. Our parents sometimes have no idea about our identities outside our home. We have a different life, different choices and a different side to ourselves. Our identities reveal our choices,the good, the bad, the right and the wrong. Above all, we are not just right or not just wrong, we are a mixture of all of these. Nobody is black and white here, we are all gray. We have our own innocent side but also have the demons that somewhere kills our innocence some or the other day. As rightly said, might be we are all wrong, some less and some a little more, but in between what actually stays is what we call as our identity.

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