"I Wish"


Sometimes I wish....
Let us get into Inception & create our        own Facinating world,
Just u & me nest in
And never return back!!
Where there'll be our own PLANET,
We'll create our own ECOSYSTEM - full of Love.
With ATMOSPHERE guiding us !!
How FACINATING !! Isn't it Honey??
We'll ramble - AU FAIT.
And let us get drench in the PRECIPITATION of Love,
And let the FLORA make the land more ELEGANT.
Let us be the OASIS for each other in the UNSUNG !!
And at night let us fall asleep under the HEAVENS,
Where shooting stars getting our wishes done
And when we wake up - Let the sunrise make us fall in LOVE again....!!

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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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