I Swear

By Mukul Upadhayaya 

Remember the first time I saw you?
I swear, I felt like nature pressed a pause button.
Things around lulled for some time, and I swear that I really loved that cessation.
The pause that kinda made me realise that you are the one! And that I am in an irrevocable love with this one.
Maybe it was your eyes because they were so deep, or your chin because it was very thin.
You were exactly the way I thought my love would be, I swear! 
You had that rare charisma that drew me towards you, oh I swear, I could feel those strings pulling me towards you!
You drove me towards you through that wondrous smile, I swear I don't know, how you made me travel that extra mile!
You aren't aware of how you daily gave me excuses to survive, I swear, you are the reason that today I thrive.
You brought out love from a heart that was dead, knowing this, I swear, I had to love you till my last breath.
Every moment I thought about you was convivial; I swear, you told me what love is in real!
I cannot say those 3 vicious words because of the past I have. And hence, I'll sit somewhere and dwell about the future we couldn't have because I swear, I have loved people before and I have learned to let them go.
If you want me the way I am then tell me with that innocent smile, because after this even if you want, I swear I won't come because I'm experiencing high demand!


  • The ending is surprising and witty…the whole of the text, the wit, and the words woven with emotion, just pour out of you

    Shubham Verma
  • Thank you so much ma’am.

    Mukul Upadhayaya
  • Very beautifully written and words well woven together.. lovely to read!♥️

    Sara Srivastava

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