I 'PREM' You

Monika Arora

Lord Narayan says I run this entire universe with just one tool i.e. ‘PREM’. And I feel this word when translated in today’s language i.e. English and becomes ‘LOVE’ not only looses its letters but also the depth and purity. This is said to be most dominant feeling in every breathing being. I had always been a romantic type of person, I am 25 and had spent all these years trying to understand how I want my love to be, struggling with what I had, craving for what I want.

Quarantine sieved me so well with my thoughts. I don’t want to be Rose to some Jack, Juliet to any Romeo or Laila to Majnu, all I want is to be RADHA to KRISHNA. The love which is as pure as their name.

I guess, this is the reason I am still waiting because I am not guilty for wishing to be looked into my eyes than my lips, to be held with my hand and not my waist, to be gifted with a pair of anklets and not a pair of bikini, to be taken to the beauty of nature than inside a room, to be looked onto my heart than my blouse, to have the soothe of resting my head on your shoulder than being pushed against a wall, to be remembered for ‘Kheer’ if you are recalled for ‘Maakhan’, to be held for a hug, not for a touch, to be felt, to be loved.

This place, this planet, the people have forgotten the real meaning of love, let’s go back to when it all started, to the time when ‘PREM’ got its meaning, to the time when he used to flirt with every gopi of the village and she was content just with the thought that he whom everyone wants is hers with heart forever, to the time when she was content just with the feeling that vibed and not the rules of the world, to the time when Love was a prayer, to the time when she was called ‘Apavitra’ which she accepted coz she just can’t stop loving him coz this is how love is it can’t be forgotten, to the time where love could happen only once and there is nothing called breakup in love, to the time when expensive gifts were not needed to cater attraction, just a tune of flute with a blow of love was enough to have her come running to you, to not to have any need of expensive places for a date, a stone under moonlight among trees and jamuna was enough to spend eternity.

Call me old fashioned, but this what I am and this is what I want from my life, I want the purity of ‘dvapara’ in ‘kalyug’.

When my KRISHNA will be ready, I will wait beside jamuna under the moonlight among the trees and I will hold you under the sky, staring the stars and we will belong to each other for eternity…….

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  • Even article is as pure as ur thoughts are😍😍😍😍


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