I Met Somebody Tonight

By Mandavi Choudhary

The huge room is packed with
Numerous faceless people,
Bouts of cheerless laughter,
Chiming of peculiar voices that appear to
Be saying something;
Something that I cannot comprehend 
In a circle of friends,
A shiver runs down my spine
A friend lends a coat to warm me
An unfamiliar ache in my heart makes me cold
This night feels like the coldest one
The numerous faceless people around survey me
First my face, then my body and with a grin 
Turn to me and say, "Hello, Miss! How are you doing? Isn't it a dandy night?"
There are people dancing on the dance floor
They call me as I nervously wave with a beaming smile
Bouts of cheerless laughter begin to emerge 
Louder and fiercer 
like a turbulent sea wave
I laugh too while a turbulent wave of water droplets trickling down my cheeks goes unnoticed 
Peculiar voices chime like the chanting of mantras
I nod and express my approval 
But deep within, a voice echoes 
"Help me out. Take me home."
I refuse to lend my ears and begin to chant too
This huge room is my world,
This is the space where I breathe 
These people are friends
These voices are familiar 
Yet, I lift my head to look around 
And a sense of emptiness begins to devour me
The room looks empty to me,
As empty as my life.
While the party goes on 
I step outside in the balcony
A mellow breeze stops by to kiss my lips gently 
A little bird perching on the tree top begins to whistle,
The dazzling stars add a sprinkle of light to the dark night,
And I take the coat off.
I don't feel cold.
Here in the presence of nobody
I don't feel alone
Here in the presence of nobody 
I happened to meet somebody 
That somebody is a part of me 
I cease being Sisyphus for a moment.


  • ??I am a fan of your words….Great going Mandy!! I loved the last line “I cease being Sisyphus for a moment”. The moment when you find yourself…

    saloni walia
  • Many thanks to all of you, wonderful people! ?

  • The way you play with words is absolutely amazing. I can just say that your work leaves me wanting for more although I am not an avid reader. Great work. Keep it up! much love and best wishes!!

  • Mam you’ve written it beautifully ? being a reader I must say I can feel word written over there.. the way you’ve defined the beauty of solitude is commendable. ?? wish I could become the same as you someday.

    Sushmita Nanda
  • Wow! The words amazed me. Over the top. “Numerous faceless people” my fav words!

  • Beautifully written! ☺
    After reading the poem one line came to my mind is ‘cherish your solitude’.

  • a poem that touched my heart, it triggered feelings absolutely incapable of verbal description.

    paras nath
  • Very nice poem maam. Keep it up :)

    Nalin anand
  • Amazing job ma’am?keep it up and keep uploading ur talent?

  • It is voicing out through its silence?.
    Amazing poem?

  • Here in the presence of nobody
    I don’t feel alone
    Here in the presence of nobody
    I happened to meet somebody
    That somebody is a part of me
    I cease being Sisyphus for a moment.
    These lines touched to my heart. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that this is a perfect epitome of how the poetry should be written in this era.
    Your poetry is a spontaneous overflow of feelings as Wordsworth says. Happy for such a beautiful work. Keep it up dost…waiting for your next writing. Best wishes!?

    Gajanan Leela
  • heartwarming set of words packed together gave a soothing feel to introverted people like me..its good to see that there are some people like you who understand the blissful feeling of solitude….good job..keep writing..


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