I Know What It Feels Like

By Aditi Utreja
I know what it feels like 
to be ripped apart 
By what has made you feel weak 
In the knees, each night
My trauma looks like 
A shadow on the front wall of my bedroom,
I suppose
I know what it feels like 
To inch closer to your fear
Although there's nothing in this world 
That you're more afraid of 
Than taking the next step
My trauma looks like broken payphones
On an unending deserted road, I suppose
I know what it feels like
To be tied to your own being tightly
When all you want to do 
Is to break free from it
Before anyone gets to know 
That you are still alive
My trauma looks like 
A ghastly spell 
On the happiest of evenings, I suppose
My trauma looks like everything 
That I have around me
An empty room, a yellow lamp,
The man next door, the park so damp
I close my eyes 
And hitch my hopes to all this being 
Alright one day because hope
Hope, is a good thing
While my mother tells me
That my trauma is not.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Trauma' 

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