I Fell In Love Only To Rise Again

Shivani Batra

I woke up in the morning with so much on my mind
Running late to work, leaving everything behind
Endless meetings and tight deadlines have taken a toll on me
I now fail to find my goal in this monotonous journey
I finally took a sigh and booked a cab to Cyber City
Headed to our old lunch cafe - simple yet pretty
I see you already waiting, playing something on your phone
I am amazed by the fact that you totally love being alone
I started gibbering about the stupid meaningless rat race
You sit there listening with a huge smile on your face
It seems amazing how you are too good to be true
I realized how all this while I had failed to understand my love for you 
I woke up in the morning with so much on my mind
But this time, it wasn't work, it was our beautiful time
I smiled, jumped and danced alone in my room
The Cupid had struck and love had finally bloomed
Now the work meetings seemed even longer than usual
I wanted to be with you, wishing this feeling was mutual
As soon as I met you, I told you how I have been feeling since the past few days
You were listening as usual, but this time with no smile on your face
You spoke the harsh truth that I never wanted to hear
Everything seemed shattered and it was too much to bear
You left the cafe only to never return
Perhaps, you never understood me was something I had to learn
I woke up in the morning with so much on my mind
Crying all night, I wanted this chaos to unwind
But it all felt useless, now that I lost a person who felt like home
It all made sense now how you used to love being alone
I feel shattered but I know I will be fine
I can't ruin everything for someone who couldn't be mine
I grab my bag and head towards my workplace
This time hiding my tears and faking a smile on my dull face
I had to be strong so I gathered courage to be the woman I always wanted to be
I will again fall in love but this time with someone who needs it the most- Me!

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