I Feel

By Deeksha Makhija
I feel like 
traveling is a bridge of my imaginations
it's like i close my eyes; pray something; and traveling acts like a bridge between them
between two different moments 
first when i close my eyes in tears to be happy 
and second when i open my eyes in tears for being happy
i treat traveling as a bridge between 
two different worlds
it keeps hanging between two different worlds
i feel like the bridge takes me to a world 
where there is no distinction between people 
on any basis 
world where generosity isn't treated as a form of stupidity
world where fears are turned into life goals 
world which isn't a world; that does not exist; 
but a different world, that is a part of this world only.
i know, it's strange 
how traveling for one is going to places
and honestly, it is for me too
but in a slightly different way
where life without money gives me more hope
living in present makes more sense or say magical?
because you see
how we all have got so lost 
in thinking about the future 
we know nothing
talking to strangers makes me feel more loved
writing handwritten letters feels more like a life
and a conversation feels like a proper date
and love? Love seems to have no boundary
too cliche?
but honesty, you see?
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Travelling' 

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