I Dream To Get Up at 8

By Romit Srivastava
Within that dim-lit room when you ached for a conversation.
I sat in front of a mirror holding a cigarette and talking to the reflection.
When just any friend's call could've brought a smile.
Everyone moved on, it's been two and a half years without a college and I'm cursing all the while.
How sad it was to believe that I'm losing the battle of my life.
How disheartening to wake up at afternoon with no texts and no agenda but to go back to the books you failed at twice.
And how funny that qualifying for NEET brought me closer to drinking neat.
Being from that orthodox family doesn't quite help as the boy who wasn't supposed to cry has a tear in his eye.
And the social media just scraped deeper into the wound as everyone is enjoying the college life who didn't even try.
Some took the easy way out while the rest were blessed with money.
Looking at that broken sad reflection trying to suck on to the dying cigarette bud made me feel sorry for myself.
Didn't light another one, well that was the first step.
You can play the inspirational music in the background now.
As that epiphany decided for me that I'm not going to be behind those backdoor crows.
The next glass of drink I had was over victory at NEET and now I'm in my third year.. still learning.. still fighting and still failing.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'An Experience That Changed My Life'


  • Such strong emotions expressed in a vivid and lucid language. Beautiful!

  • Very nice line written in poem.

    Shailesh Kumar Singh
  • This poem shows how that a fighter can only succeed in life.. So be a fighter and carry on ur childhood dream which always bring smile in ur face…

  • Very beautifully written …

  • This is what truly changes a person, and to sum up 5 years of your life in this beautifully melancholy way, not only shows how great a writer you are, but also portrays that you are indeed the fighter that you most certainly wish to be.


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