Yashasvi Pruthi

Feeling vacant, disdain and anxious
Don't you experience all these divines
With sweeping time
Even surface identities change
When a dead body decay
Whatever you will be,
will always sweep by
Living things change
from core to surface

Basic, I know, you know
You are on this planet
Without your permission.
You are not even aware of your position
Wait! Seems like you lost your memory
When you were born
Is that the reason
Your identity search is still on?
Some are searching for it
Some are pretending to be

Who are you?
A man, a woman, in a relationship, not made for relationship, weird , thoughtful
Half the words in dictionaries
Ask you to choose your identity

Where do you find it?
In the eyes of a critics or
In the eyes of a loved one?
Is your religion your identity
Or your skin colour?
Terrorism and racism are
Horrible faces of indentity

Why do you want to make your identity?
Beacuse they taught you so..
Already your glass was full
They took out some only to
Make you believe in less
And showed illusional dreams
Of a full glass
Hence comparison was done
On a false criteria
You could have worked well
With either or neither of those
It should have never matter

Why don't you ask a child,
What is identity?
He will tell you he is getting late
For playing with his friends
Children never cared for
These awfully big things
Suddenly why is everybody
Bothered by this question...
Put your burden down and
Simply play like a child
With everything around.
It is so much fun not
To ask this question
And to be lost again....

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