I dare to dream that I can be hers.
I adorn her everytime,
She wishes to see me on her
I kiss her stomach and 
Flow down through her thighs.
She hugs me tight 
Feels me, on every bit of her,
She sees me lay there,
Adding to her allure.
I have even known her
On days when she despises my hug 
On days when she can't afford to 
Enjoy the warmth I give 
Yet, I have been through her.
But, when she decides to 
Set fire on herself,
She discards me.
A merciless discardal.
I am thrown away when 
Her nerves boil
And I am thrown away to see 
Her bare body, toss and turn.
I refuse to speak. I lie there.
A silent witness to her actions
At times, A silent victim too
As she crushes me in haste.
I still refuse to speak or moan
Because I know, this too shall pass
She will come back to me,
She will need me then
The same hands that threw me away 
Will pick me up with care.
I know, I will adorn her again
Yet again, I will cling on to her
Until she decides to set fire 
Yet another time. 
Till then, I can be hers.
I dare to dream that I can be hers !

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