I dare to dream

Preeti B Samson

The world may stop me,
But I dare to dream,
My friends may hate me,
But I dare to dream.

I dare to dream,
For a world filled with love,
For a society filled with equality,
For a country that stands for humanity.

I dare to dream,

For a workplace where there is no partiality,

For a family culture, where kids are given freedom of choice,

For a safe environment,

So that people don't lose their dignity.

Yes, I dare to dream,

For I know the power of dreams,

It is dreams that turn into reality……

So, dare to dream,

For dreams only come true…..


  • Thank you friends…..

    preeti b samson
  • Good work buddy! Keep writing:)

  • good one!

    Anitta Cheeran
  • The feel of idyllic peaceful independence….. depicts well

    swadesh barai

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