I Dare To Dream

By Priti Yadav 

Of sultry afternoon

Flew a heavy balloon,

Coronial feathers spread;

Wide eyes now no more wet.


          I dipped head, in gallon water

              Drop by drop passed that summer,

          I closed my eyes in that bucket;

          They pushed bricks into her bones.


My heart sank into four walls

You are a girl!

Shout they loud;

 Will to tie with rope of false.


     No ink, no paper, no nail for her

      Evil this world is

      That we are here to cover,

      In life of seven ages.


And I sang, world is my stage,

But kitchen is your place,

I will have my own room,

You would re-produce soon.


       What happens if…

        You snatch gems from ocean,

        Will it shrink?


          Erase stars from sky,

          Will moon dim felt shy?


‘twas far may seem but,

I dare to dream.


  • And the beauty of this artistic piece is that it’s a way of figuring things out, or if not that much, jotting it down immaculately. ;)

    Akshit Mudgal
  • Are we the source,
    Or are we the gleam?
    Are we the dreamers,
    Or are we the dream?
    Dreamers dare to dream but few are those who can’t sleep cause of the dreams.
    Beautifully expressed upcoming artist!! :)
    Jio Old Monkey ;)

    Hunny Kapoor
  • Great poem… Keep it up… Explore the world by writing new poems..

    Priyanka Gupta
  • I loved the poem, and the way you described with artistic fervour is quite remarkable!

    Pallavi Panda
  • Very very nice

  • Don’t let your DREAMS be just DREAMS ;)

  • Amazing..!!

  • Wow ..! Too good .! ??

  • Dream! You’ll get it! Keep it up ??

    Prachi yadav
  • Really nice poem!

  • Wow! Your vocabulary and style of writing is kind blowing!

  • I loved your poem. Very good, keep it up.

  • Thankyou so much! Am overwhelmed! :’)

    Priti Yadav
  • Nice… I dare to dream..

  • I love the vivid image you paint with your words

    Mudita Raj
  • Your poem shows your poetic quality. I like your words. Keep writing :-)

    Dhanashree Das

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