I Dare To Dream

By Harshpreet Kour

Unlike every other ordinary girl,  
Who wish to dream, 
Standing here, 
After alot of struggles...
After each step taken, 
Would now love to scream, 
It's me now and
Yep, I dare to dream! 
For Bringing me all the failures, 
Letting you know from the ink of my pen, 
After Reminding about the past,
And choosing me out of ten, 
Where..... I scare to scream, 
The footsteps have now begun... 
Begun to live the life, 
filled... with different cream, 
It's me now and...
Yep, I dare to dream! 
About all in the grey Skies, 
U might be feeling blue, 
Stand there for urself, 
It's just you patting the new you, 
Stay strong as you might seem, 
Say it clear, it's me now and... 
Yep, I dare to dream! 


  • Beautiful poem Harshpreet. Yes, one must never stop dreaming!!!

    Geetha Jayakumar
  • Lots of love and blessings to you
    Wao it’s put With beautiful words may you achieve all your goals in life
    Just stay strong always

    Ladi kaur
  • Beautifully written.. Congrtz swthrt

  • its really beautiful

    gagandeep kaur
  • Every has a dream but very few have the courage to pursue them you got one just go for it….. God bless you

  • Nice lines,Awesome thinking,Gud luck for future

    Neetu hora
  • Wowwww….. My favourite line
    The footsteps have now begun…
    Begun to live the life,
    filled… with different cream,

    Chanpreet Singh
  • Inspiring

    Aman singh
  • Keep it up nice words

    Shaji thomas
  • Good work! Keep it up. ?

    Sushil Singh
  • Wonderful!!!!

    Amrit pal singh
  • Wonderful ? .. all the best.. keep on dreaming ?

    Debleena Ganguly
  • Awesome girl…dare to dream..not just dream..dream big!

    Prapti Roy bhagat
  • Supb 1 sonu?? Looking many more frm u ?

  • Dare to dream ??????

    Sharad Kumar
  • Awsm…? Hoping for many more poem..

    All d bst..

    Shikha BHATTAD
  • Beautiful lines with touching emotions…. Great job done…. Harshpreet keep rocking and would like to see many more such poems of urs… God Bless u and all the very best!!

  • Nd another awsm lines by uh…em always standing fr u dear…?
    Stay strong…!!as u might seem?

    Mohnish Pal
  • Very thoughtful lines & from bottom of the heart.. .. Always be what you are…keep it up

    Bunty Ahluwalia
  • Vry nice sweetheart……vry nice lines…..keep it up……every girl should think like u have written…… I DARE TO DREAM…..??

  • Awesome and really heart touching line dear……..??

    vijay ( Raja)
  • Awesome n lovely lines….

  • NYC poem nd it’s really heart touching

    Saroj kunar
  • It’s all dreamer’s world..keep dreaming :)
    Nice poem Harshpreet

  • Awesome poem di

  • awesome di ????

  • Lots of blessings and love to you

    Wao it's a beautiful poem, may you achieve all the goals in your life doing great your words always amaze me god bless you dear.
  • Lovely poem…. beautifully decorated words… speaks emotions aloud..!!

  • very real and fresh poem

    shobhit sharma
  • Nice poem harshpreet keep it up and best of luck

    Rashmi thoke
  • What are the lines hitting on you guys????

  • Great !!! Keep writing

    Akshay Nair
  • always love your amazing words…. !!! ❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • Vry nice harshpreet kour..keep up the good work..

  • Awesome n true lines harshu and it is for the girls there it is related to all of them just like us. Love you dear may all ur dreams come true. ??

  • Such amazing writing skills she’s got.. Got me charged up… Yep I dare to dream… Good luck Harsh :)

    Priyank Goud

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