I Dare To Dream

By Soorya Meena Ajith

Tired of closed doors and dark dungeons

Tired of people saying me what I should be

Tired of ideas that merely navigate me to the old ones

Tired at of just following and not experimenting


My head is in a bizarre confusion

A collateral fusion of utter frustration

I am tired of thinking

What was already thought of


I dare to dream,

Dream beyond the open skies

Dream across closed walls

Dream forever more and eternity

Never more in the dark


I dream of dreams that make me fly

Dreams that open doors

Dreams that brings in light

Dreams that wakes me up at night

And strive to make them true



Dear society

Don't shun me out of dreaming

I came in as a child

Who had infinite of them

Many died, faded and perished away

But I still have a few

Which I wish would be true

Cause I’m a girl, a dreamer and I dare to dream big.


  • Keep dreaming . Wishing your fair dreams come true. All the best.

  • Keep dreaming girl. Nice way to express your thoughts.

  • Very nice to read that brought me back to my dreaming days.


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