I Dare to Dream

Madan Mohan Jha

“I can or I cannot, rather I will or I will not.”

By the aforementioned question, I want to show

That notwithstanding the dark and gloom, dreams will glow.

The beauty of imagination is never too old.

Venture into the realm of impossible, where mysteries unfold.

Your life could be full of inadequacies and frail as you might seem,

Strength that is unheard of is in your fist, hence dare to dream.


The intrepid mind wanders into terrains unknown far away,

Where you meet yourself again through epiphany of truth.

The bones will eventually grow old and muscles will age.

Nevertheless, a mind that aspires will always be a youth.

Many, like you, have withstood the dearth of joy and plethora of pain.

The plights will increase and courage will wane.

While some perished in such predicaments, others emerged fortified.

Not every fire is inferno and flood is not every tide.


Holy Grails and oases are not the purpose of your existence.

Your accomplishments are the cruelties of life endured.

This human capacity for achievements is yet to be unravelled.

Are these conquests ever enough? I am not sure.

Savour the moments of affliction as they generously bestow strength,

Preparing you for Herculean tasks and situations intense.

What you consider deterrences are milestones marking the path and guiding you.

One more step and one more sweat, they in unison will take you through.


The blue heaven and the green Earth are solace to any grief a heart may hold.

A mind that seeks new boundaries is an abode for the soul.

The glory and languish are intrinsic to the proclamation of self.

Scars are treasure and wounds are wealth.

The satiated soul disembarking at greatness is in agony.

However, the taste of pain is no longer sour for him.

The manifestation of pleasure depends upon the existence of tears.

The toils of life are enriching, try and find the joy within.


Of all the bounties endowed by the creator, most wondrous is to dream.

Open the eyes of your mind and you will see magic unseen.

The triumph over death is the triumph of death as well.

Set ablaze the path that you trod on, to leave a trail.

Irrespective of the course of life, there will be peace at the end.

Life is an enigma and has meaning in every breath.

Be ready for your time will come too.

Breathe beautiful life to lie comfortably under the warmth of pure death.


  • Thank you all for the generous choice of words. I am just a tiny seed trying to become the whole tree of literature and by the stretch of anyone’s imagination, I am not trying to be modest.

    Madan Mohan Jha
  • An awesome way to put imagination into words. Beautifully jotted.

    Nitika soni
  • Exceptionally well written… The depth and height of imagination of the poet is beyond my imagination… All the best for your bright poetic future ??

  • “The triumph over death is the triumph of death as well.”…..great inspiration for dreamers…..these words can give life to death….great creation Madan Mohan…keep writing and keep inspiring.

  • It’s superb. Every line is powerful enough to stir the soul. Great going!

    Prajakta Kale

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