I dare to dream

Prerna Tripathi

I dare to dream,
Yes I dare...
Because I am rare..
My dream is my art,
Which I can never depart...
I dare to dream,
Yes I dare...
I dare to dream,
To achieve my aim,
To turn my pain into my gains,
Yes I dare,
To dream is to live,
The life you design,
To  dream is to leave,
What you deny...
I dare to dream,
Yes I dare...
My dreams are my power,
Ready to get cover..
All I want is to make positivity contagious,
Where your presence makes a difference,
Yes I dare,
I dare to dream..
A dream which will create,
A world full of possibilities,
A place to live and cherish,
Yes I dare,
I dare to dream...


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Inspiring Lines??
    Yes I do dare to dream because I am rare☺

    Aarti Rajpal
  • Wonderful…. Prernadayi…. ?

  • Beautiful ?

    Pooja Oberoi
  • Beautiful lines….and strong too….Thanks for the beautiful poem!!

    Smita Mishra
  • Awesome lines ??

    Anshu kantrod

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