I choose you !

Kanika Choudhary

For now the word dream
Sounds so far,
It seems that I
Have forgotten
The meaning of it but
I sure know it
Theoretically because
I have felt that before too!

I remember how
It feels
I remember that each
Bone-in my body shine.
And I remember going
After it and kept going
Kept going but somewhere
In the middle I forgot
Where actually
I was going after,
Everything on the way
seemed so
Tempting and so
fluffy and warm.

And now the question I have
Is to keep going or should
I just enjoy the temptations
I guess I can always
come back to my dream
And restructure it
Because at the end
It is my imagination
Of my dream and
I choose happiness
For now!

I want to be
that person
who has qualities
of each person I meet
Along my way

Mom's unconditional love,
Dad's bad jokes,
My brother's main goal is to make me smile even in my dark days,
Myra's urge to stay as a kid forever,
Soumya's selflessness towards her family,
Manisha auntie's self-love as her priority,
Arthu's never giving up attitude towards accepting,
Papaji's sweet surprising appreciations and such different warmth he carries.

It's like a
big personal Canvas,
Where I can go crazy
With all different kind
Of my imagination
Because it's my dream
And I get to paint it however I want to.

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