"I am wrong"

Shivani Kandukuri

I am wrong
A wrong fit in the so called right world
Since the day I started to know myself,
everyday I come a little closer to the thought that
Iam a wrong fit in this world.
Everytime I questioned the norms of world
not a single person came up with an answer
Why do we judge people based on their skin colour?
Why can't girls dressup the way they want to?
Why can't a woman start her career when she is 50?
Why can't a guy be sensitive/emotional?
Why does no one care about how great a person is unless a movie is made?
Why can't we live in a more supporting,kind and loving world?
Why should all love stories have a girl and a boy?
Why not a girl and a girl? Or why not a boy and a boy?
Why should I pretend to be happy on social platforms when I am not?
Why do I have to be cool in your way when I can be cool in my own way?
Why did we makeup our own unwritten rules in a free world?
I started to believe there is no answer
and perhaps, there is no reason for me to believe in those unwritten rules.
I don't care if I am not liked by everyone
I want to set the wings of my thoughts free
I want them to fly high
I want peace more than anything
I don't want to hurt anyone
I want to explore and learn things that I am interested in
I want to love and be loved for real
I don't want the norms of the world to change who I am
If Iam not the right fit in this world
I am happy to be wrong
I am happy to be who I am.

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