I Am From North East.

By Lambila Ng


What will people say?

That I am from North East.
A girl who’ve travelled far from the hills.
In the heart of Delhi,
Just to find hope and a family.
Will they judge and say that I am jobless, an astray or an incompetent soul and take advantage of my innocence.
or will they judge and say that I am a tourist from another country when I saunder past the street in search of life.

What will people say?
When I go out in the shop to buy a cup of coffee.
Will they stare like I am an alien?
Or will they call me Chinese or chinky?
Just because I look distinct from all of the rest.

What will people say?
If I reprimand more in English and less in Hindi?
Will they scoff and say,
“Dekho angreji wali Madam ko”.
And make me feel even more foreign?

What will people say?
If I listen to k-pop and western songs and dress a little different.
Will they change the Indian thing about me, or will they use the same maxim by saying.
“Are you really an Indian?”.

What will people say?
It really doesn’t matter, as long as I understand the language of love and diversity and
what will people say will never change the Indian thing about me.

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'What will people say / Log kya kahenge'


  • I am proud of you Chae…

    Sarha Chingdeilun
  • Thank you everyone for your words and encouragement. Lidila, Sumit, Abismita, Manish and Ating. It means a lot to me. Thank you🙏

    Lambila Ng
  • It’s amazing to read such poem. And also it should reach out to the everyone.
    Please don’t stop jotting down..
    supporting you and your poems always.

    Lidila STM
  • You did it Great…Lamblia. That’s. The. Spirit may God bless you…

  • Great lambila i said you before that u r good in content writing

  • The poem touched my heart, I’m also from North-East

  • Awesome…. U nailed it..

    Sumit Oberoi

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