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I am fine

By Akanksha Rai Sharma

I am fine

My hands cupping my head like pine

looking at the sunset’s last shine

my soul feels like an extinguished dime.

I think I am fine

Because I heard it when I was nine

that people lived without hands , eyes , legs  Without remorseful sign

that lightened my heart and my spirit for the time.

I wish I am fine

When I see the world heading towards its doom

And waiting for humanity to be destroyed with one last boom

While looking at wrinkled skins and starving jaws , with bloodshed and the time running toward humanity’s dead line

I wish I could change the satan’s mind to mine

Then everything would have been fine.


  • Nice poem. Like others, I too like the progression of “I am fine”. I did feel however, that the rhyme was a little forced. Great work though!

  • Such a beautiful piece! Loved it! Also, could you give me your feedback on my poem as well. It’s named – Hello! Darkness, my ‘only’ friend. Thank you :)

    Gunjan Nanda
  • I loved how the poem developed from ‘I am fine’ to ‘I wish I am fine’. Great work. :-)

    Amit Prakash
  • I liked the way this poem starts with confidence as shown in the line “I am fine” and then in the middle, it says “I think I am fine” and ultimately this changes to “I wish I am fine”. Without literally asking, you seem to be questioning, “Am I really fine?”

    Great work. :)
    Read mine too btw (“Lone Bird On The Barren Tree” published here)

    Andrew Kai Hangsing
  • Have a read to ”Udaasi” once, if you are able to understand Hindi :)
    Just below your poem !

  • Thank you Monica! <3

    Akanksha Rai Sharma
  • The way you have used the last two lines are seriously very powerful Akanksha. In all, I loved it.

    Monica Malik
  • Thank you Khyati and AKG.❤
    Pallavi, I wanted it to be perceived in 3 notions – the present, the hope and finally the utopian. That is why I couldn’t exaggerate it further. I am grateful to have had your attention though. Thanks!

  • I liked the way you have used the RHYME SCHEME poetic device in lieu of conveying a deep message with the usage of uncomplicated vocabulary.

    Khyati Gupta
  • I enjoyed this one, it’s a beautiful poetry piece, I just wish it was a little longer, I loved how the ‘I am fine’ was modified and reiterated each time

    Pallavi Dandamudi
  • Beautifully paired :)


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