I am a Girl

Naina Tyagi

I am a girl,

Have given my heart to many strangers,
for ages,
because loving them,
is easier than loving myself,
I am a mess,
Is what I was fed for most my life,

but not anymore,

I am a girl,

the gap between my thighs,
the shape of my brows,
the size of my waist,
or the colour of my skin,
Don't characterize me,
I deserve to have,
A love for me,

I am a girl,

I am my person,
And my every smile shouldn't mean something,
I want to don what I love,
I don't have to customize myself,
for you,
and once in a while,
it is satisfying,

I am a girl,

I don't play chess,
but I know what queens are,
the immense power,
within them,
they are the game-changers,
kings might be important,
but the queens are the most potent,

I am a girl,
and I love being one.

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