Aditi Kaur

They told me that I am polite
that it sure is a desirable trait,
but when I walked by the stream at night
I wondered if it was too late,
to let them know that it is a scam,
that no one gets to raise a damn,
about who and what I truly am.
“You must remain pure”,they said
for the groom belonged to the Royals,
but as I pleasure myself in bed
I wonder for how long would I be loyal,
for they want me to believe the lie,
and pretend to be all subtle and shy,
just so I stop asking,”Who am I?”
I decide to let the curtains fall
to tell them all that I ain’t no doll,
I am not just some girl
good for only dinners and swirls.
I am the one who wants to fight,
who wants to swim in the sea at night.
I am the girl who chooses comfort over show,
who isn’t afraid of saying,”I don’t know”.
I want to visit that isolated place
and record the secrets beneath the face.
I am the girl who wants to spy,
who,for her nation,is willing to die.
Above it all,
I am the one who has the courage
to escape the conventions and reverse the pledge.
And as I try to break free,
I finally find the real me,
and understand what Hamlet meant when he said,
“To be or not to be.”

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