How I want to make my New Year……

By Tripti Mehta

 New Calendar with new dates,

Time for a fresh beginning, with new resolutions and promises.


This year I want to set myself free,

Want to live my life more lively


I wish to cherish each and every moment,

Enjoy the little things that happen to me in present.


Pen down all my thoughts, feelings and unsaid words

And let go my tag of being an Introvert.


Sing out loud from my heart,

As Music is my soulmate, which is never going to depart.


Take some time out for my wishlist,

Be one step closer to my passion and fulfill my dream.


Well I wish myself and everyone to have a good start.

Every day is a new beginning, if we have a strong will and we work hard. 




  • Lines for new year resolutions are very touching, everyone inspired.

    Rajeev Gangrade
  • Nice thoughts … keep going

    Amar Gangrade
  • Lovely poem…nicely thought n put up


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