Hiding Emotions

By Deeksha Makhija
Hiding emotions
I spotted her there 
She was all lost from the world; in some world. 
July, 2018, was what the time, I guess. 
“ill’’, she was 
ill? Not physically ill; Mentally ill. 
There was just so much; she had with herself
and you know?
 Strange is what,
that she never even knew that herself. 
Was often found juggling with things at night.
“Self-love”, her life philosophy was
but the trauma inside her 
urged her to
turn, “self-hatred”, into her actual life philosophy. 
I saw her at her own terrace one day,
it didn’t rain that day
but oh, I saw her spotting a rainbow, that day,
her own Rainbow,
had seven colours like a usual rainbow
but a colour consisting an amalgamation of all different colours 
Was her colour. 
I asked her once, 
“How did you stumble upon this colour?”
She answered me very peculiarly, 
“I didn’t stumble upon this, my hidden amalgamated emotions did,
this amalgamated colour; is me,
smiles, painfully; laughs, barely
and oh
it cries, utterly.”
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Trauma' 

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