He's all fine!

Likhitha Kaki

He could walk on a bed of thorns and swim through the hottest springs. He could fly through the daunting storms and  plunge through the highest tides. Or maybe he couldn't;But he would still try to make things possible for my happiness. 
And mask it all up to make me belief enough that;
he's all fine.

I lead a tainted living, I go chasing my dreams leaving him behind. 
But he's still fighting innumerable battles that were mine to fight.
He lost a lot more in his life for me and on my behalf, that were mine to lose.
But at the end he never showed it up, he honed it to cover it all so well to make me belief enough that; 
he's all fine.

I bring the storm out of him, spread the stygian skies and wild winds, even in all the chaotic rubble, I know he'd love me forever and ever. 
No matter how high I go or how deep I topple down, 
He'd make me more stronger and brave. 
By taking all the waves rolling upon him, yet standing straight always beside me; Taking pride into my existence. 
And this time I know that 
he's all fine. 
He'll always be fine because He's my superhero. 
He's my Dad. 


  • It is a testimony of your upbringing. Showing gratitude to your heroic father.

  • simply super

    Sridhar Narayanagari
  • simply super

    Sridhar Narayanagari
  • Really very touching and they are always our super heroes…. And you are my super Sis too.
    Beautiful poem… We love it.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  • Truly heart touching.. sometimes we do forget about the sacrifices made by our parents but we must always remember to be grateful for them as they are always by our side in our ups and downs.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem.

    Afzaleen Shaikh

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