Her Silent Struggle

By  Jyothi Anna John
The doctor said, she was going through some kind of trauma.
But her people feared, this was going to stir up all kinds of drama.
They wondered what she lacked,
What was driving her insane,
There is nothing to be found wrong.
There is no reason behind this pain.
She was searching in dark,
restless and and drowning.
She looked around for help,
but found all of them frowning.
She clinged to the blanket,
longing to go back to sleep.
To sink into nothingness,
slipping in more and more deep.
She was counselled,
tattooed, asked to scream, shaved hair,
poured her heart out,
Did everything in terrible despair.
Sometimes she wakes up, all at once
her heart beating to her chest,
To go back to sleep, to walk or run,
she didn't know what was best.
She considered, standing on the edge,
moving forward without fear.
As she thought about it,
there was nothing for her here.
She thought of an easy escape, 
all ready to end the fight.
But the silence around shook her with hope,
asking her to turn around before she left.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Trauma' 

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