Anita Mary Varghese 

Twenty and five years here,
this paradoxical land turned home.
From the first rejection as foetus,
to an unwelcomed guest in the family.
From age-old kitchen-set toy,
to books and computer.
From rhymes and abacus,
to criticism, theory and thesis.
They called her stubborn and rebellious.

Setting her visionboard
for the decades ahead,
reclining on the easy chair,
with her open journal and pen,
gazing at the distant blue sky,
through the dream catchers
in her balcony,
checked her first big dream:
And she continued to dream,
of the possible, the best, the grandeur...

Alighting from her Ferrari,
she walked towards her cabin,
returning plenty of morning wishes,
faint and loud.
Sitting behind her desk,
looking through the glass,
she cherished all the changes.
There is Xiaoli, Amaka, Liu, Smith,
Rahul and Ananya
brainstorming ideas for the next!
The multiple shades of sapiens,
pooling their points
for a better tomorrow together!!

Ruling a firm as Miss boss
seemd easier than mothering!
Busy and hustling always,
because she is a bawse boss.
Hustling harder with no time,
to remain a victim,
to 'legalized' abuses, back home.
Because she is a bawse who rules...
No more wage gaps, where
gender becomes the culprit.
Neither catcalling nor gaslighting, where
'femininity' becomes the accused.
No more queries on marriage,
nor weight-loss advice,
neither pear nor hourglass.
Unsolicited they are!

Imperfection is normal
Ideal is abnormal
What matters is brains and guts.
Because this is her empire!

The morning breeze pecked her feet.
Heaving a sigh,
she woke from her daydreams.
Tightly hugging her dreams on pages,
she summoned the courage
to chase her dreams in high heels -
to be the self-made empress!

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