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Hello! Darkness, my 'only' friend

By Gunjan Nanda

The first ray lit me up
No it wasn't the sun, 
The silvery darkness of the moon had a different aura
Maybe birds weren't my morning song
Maybe the sound of crickets and an owl's hoot had it all. 
When they say a new day gives you hope,
I still believe that the dusk grooms you for challenging times to come
Given the fact that all good things arise at the break of dawn
I just wait for the morning light to be gone. 
Night! I find a weird happiness in you
The kind that keeps me up, keeps me on my toes, keeps me alive 
I remind myself of those sleepless nights when I turned to you.. 
Asking for help, to guide me through those troubled times when I needed a friend.
I know you told me that 'it's okay'. That I don't need a friend, 
You knew I asked for a dark soul, instead you gave me strength to vent. 
After all these years
My eyes leave no stone unturned,
I look for you in every soul unattended to, every place untouched. 
Maybe some day I'll get tired and stop searching,
Searching for a similar spark, a familiar feeling.. 
Maybe I'll find it one day and you'll be long gone!


  • Thank you so much Manju aunty!
    I’m so glad you can relate to it as well Prabha!
    That was my main aim Ravi, to make the readers feel what I feel! :)

    Gunjan Nanda
  • I know what you talking about inhere !!
    Got me connected.
    It’s a good one.

    Ravi Chand Punia
  • Its so calm….i can deeply relate to it…great job…??

  • very well written Gunjan !! Deep and meaningful . Keep it up girl !!

    Manju Singhania
  • Thank you Sapna! :)
    So glad you love it Preeti!!
    Thanks a ton GP!!!! :D

    Gunjan Nanda
  • Wow, amazing job Ms. Nanda. Loved each and every line of it.

  • You are ? star gunjan fabulous wording ?

  • Its amazing Gunjan. Each word feels. Keep writing. I am extremely proud of you. You always amaze me with so many talents of yours.

    Way to go my girl !

  • Thank you so much Trisha! ?
    Thanks a ton Shalini!!
    Thank you Sandeep. Means a lot to me! ?

    Gunjan Nanda
  • Such a beautiful one! Very relatable, indescribably good. Hope to see more of your work Gunjan

    Trisha Srivastava
  • Way to go!

  • You write way too awesome. The way loneliness slowly and steadily corners us to find a good place alone, is a testimony.



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