Hash, my only love and my loveliest destruction

Disha Singh

Oh,how come you are so beautiful you little baddie,the darkest of dreams and the palest of greens
You are the love of my life,for you,only you I left my wife,you are the purest herb and my greatest remedy that forces me to not to feel
Every morning I want to wake up next to you,I want to hold you,kiss you and make love to you my dearest hash
I want to smoke you till my lungs puff out and my heart stops to beat,I want to smoke you till brain drops to my feet
I feel that you make me a better person my true love,when I am with you I feel scared but secured,with one drag you make me forget all my pain even in the heaviest of rains
My lips are the darkest shade of brown from our daily session of the intense make out which is supported by that golden brown heavy liquor mixed with an intellect
You are making me crazy day by day,cravings for you are inevitable but I’m kind of into it,I am really into it
I know you are jealous from the Coke I snot sometimes but baby love you give me the highest of highs and dare not anyone take your place,my Christ
You motivate me to earn the cash because I can’t ever stay away from you,I work harder and harder everyday so that I can get the best of you,Hash
You and I are having our first child because maybe this is the reason for my bloating stomach and the uneasiness
Because I don’t believe in cancer and heart attacks because you make me sicker than ever from your love
My head spins every time I try to breathe,I throw up every second even when I smell the meat but maybe this is the way how lovers treat
My swollen feet and weak bones mixed with a bit of nausea everytime I try to run but oh no love I guess this is what we call as fun
Yes I do agree I’ve changed a lot since the day we met,I’m bit more aggressive and always cranky but I guess this is how people in love actually behave



  • With just one smoke you told us so many similar love stories.
    Loved it. Proud :’)

    Charu Damor
  • Such a talent❤️

    Prenita Ranjan
  • Beautifully written!

    Divyansh Singh
  • So so so good. Keep writing my daughter. So proud!

    Radha singh
  • This is amazing. So so proud of you. Love you❤️

  • Amazing!!!

    Namrah Wasim
  • Love this. So proud of you ❤️


    Khushi Khanna
  • Beautiful❤️

  • You got me speechless!

    Sakhi Agarwal
  • Wow wow wow (much love from The Amateur Writers) ❤️❤️❤️

    Kushagra Agarwal
  • Mygod ❤️ I’m so proud ✨

    Khushi Mathur
  • Lovely and beautiful..Nicely written 🔥 🔥

  • Wowwowww!!

    Anshika Sharma
  • Beautiful!!

    Raghav Talwar
  • Beautiful 💖

    Aastha S. Solanki
  • Loved it 🖤

    Akriti Anand

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