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hallucination or motivation

Kumar Saurabh

In the mirror I see what I am
In my soul I see what I am not
I see these differences getting slammed
At the door of my dreams.

Every night as if a story
A bit new a bit gloomy.
A new adventure sometime
An end which for a bit shiver my spine.

I don't know what's the noise
that echo in my heart
A hallucination a motivation?
Or a call to loose the limits, to be free.

Go my friend, go out there
and be what your heart says.
On these ghostly paths
Oh, run or just take a walk.

You have lived for long
lying in your dreams
You have got all you need
Now it's time to row in mainstreams.

Don't wait for the right time, it will never come.
Don't look to all coming ups and downs.
Just stretch your sword and shed some blood
You will have your victory; you will have your crown.

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