Grown up

By Josphin George 
You are a grown up now,
life must have changed for you, they say
but actually, it's the same.
I still cry, just not on mom's lap.
I still get scoldings, but not from my dad.

I still meet my friends but through a screen,
we talk late at night but only on birthday eves.
I smile for photos but very often for myself
creating memories is an old thing now,
"Did you Share it on social media!! No?" Ah well.

The taste of chocolate is just sweet now,
back then it was happiness.
giving your words to someone,
and keeping it for real were our promises.
Things I do now is same as before

Just their meanings are now what differ
Bit by bit we lose ourselves in time
now a blank face is what I see
when I look at myself in the mirror


  • Thank you so much Pradeep, Vipin, Ravi 😊😊😊

  • Jojo super :) yes there is a lot of change from childhood days to now.

  • Branded

  • Thank you so much Pradeep😄😄😄

    Josphin George
  • Nice one Jojo.
    I lost into my childhood days after going through your poem.
    Fantastic one. Heart touching.

    Pradeep Telikicherla
  • Thank you……Swathi, Sushi, Ranjana, Jyoti , Sheejal💜🙆‍♂️ ..these words are the reason that keeps me going😊

  • Truely ausumn Josphin… _ Keep it up grown-up girl… Waiting for more frm ur syd…

  • Awesome gal 😘😘😘

    Jyoti Mishra
  • Thats true..
    “Bit by bit we lose ourselves in time
    now a blank face is what I see
    when I look at myself in the mirror”
    Jos… The first time we had a friend to friend conversation.. you told me boldly that this studying is not you want. All you want is to chase your dreams. I remember that day. I was just looking at you thinking: “really jos…..” Great to see what you told you got to do that.. and mostly you had the courage to do that..
    Keep flying baby.. Yes your words connect.. so keep writing.. share your positivity..bcoz i need it.. :-)

  • Sahiiiiiii….. Kya likhi hai… Dil chu li… Loads n loads of love…..

  • Super Jojo….. I can relate each and every line of this poem….. keep going girl.
    Proud of you…..


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